The team consists of various members with mixed specialties, please scroll down to meet the team members

Core Team

  • Frank Bonnet

    Frank Bonnet

    Founder & Lead Developer

    Frank Bonnet has nine years of experience designing, building and maintaining countless enterprise .NET applications. Co-founder, developer and owner of "DS Verzekeringen", an insurance company in the Netherlands and many other web-based projects.

    Ether enthusiast, investor in both mining and trading. Experience with developing contracts in Solidity using Truffle and Mocha. Has a business view and a developer's mind.

  • Hansco Leek

    Hansco Leek

    Service Manager / Entrepreneur

    Stockbroker, entrepreneur, investor and co-owner / founder at Autodealers (a successful Automotive IT company) among others. Early Bitcoin adopter and investor, currently investing in Ether among others.

    At the age of 17, Hansco Leek started trading stocks and soon found himself successfully speculating by trading options and futures on the trading floor in Amsterdam. Realizing the potential of the upcoming internet business, he invested the money he gained through speculating in internet startups.

    After 23 years of experience, Hansco Leek believes in DCORP and its decentralized derivatives exchange. By bringing management and trading expertise, he makes the team stronger and his early investment helps to realize the project.

  • Corben Leek

    Corben Leek


    Entrepreneur, Software engineer and network architect with 17 years of experience in .NET, Windows, Linux and VMware. Corben Leek has developed enterprise applications for the financial giants ASR and Kroymans Financial Services and among others.

    Long time entrepreneur and co-founder / owner at Autodealers,,, Slimverzekeren, DealerServices among others.

    Corben Leek's extensive experience with developing financial enterprise applications in combination with being an early cryptocurrency adopter make him a valuable asset to the team.

  • Sangho Grolleman

    Sangho Grolleman


    Sangho has over 18 years experience in large corporates, nonprofits, startups and his own ventures. After graduating at Utrecht University (masters degree in Geography & International Economics) he started his career as management trainee for IBM Global Services, followed his ideals at Oxfam Novib and rediscovered his South Korean roots at LG Electronics before starting his own venture as digital analytics consultant. His latest venture is a startup in food commerce.

    Sangho reinforces the team with his expertise in digital performance, goal setting mentality and his ability to getting things done.

  • Mike Balagna

    Mike Balagna

    Marketing Communications

    Insightful and multi-talented, Mike Balagna has been phenomenal in giving shape to many innovative marketing ideas. Shows great expertise and talent in communications strategy and planning, media relations, collateral developments and other allied functions. He is responsible for our media and investor relations, as well as development and production/budgeting in press and media releases.

    Mike's initiative and his ability to pull together a vision and plan, makes him a beneficial asset to our team.

  • Yasin Mahmutogullari

    Yasin Mahmutogullari

    Support Manager

    Yasin Mahmutogullari joined the DCORP team bringing seven years of IT experience.

    Originally he started as a volunteer, he was noticed for his ability to assist community members quickly and efficiently. His talents have continued to shine through his ability to assist other members of the DCORP team.

    His perseverance, attitude and innovative mindset continues to help shape the DCORP sphere into a model of awareness and professionalism.

  • Rogier van Poppel

    Rogier van Poppel

    Front-end Developer

    Rogier van Poppel was merely 10 years old when his father taught him how to code in Q-basic. He aquired a fascination for code and the creation of things which led him to then become proficient in HTML and launch his own website at the age of 12. Shortly thereafter, CSS and Javascript were added to Rogier’s resume. He would often lend his skills to assist others in building websites from the ground up.

    While studying chemical engineering at Avans University, Rogier set up his first profitable affiliate site and gained extensive experience in PHP and front-end development. After a short career in IT sales, he decided to focus on E-Commerce, development and enterprise level IT sales within his own company: IT Saver BV.

    In 2017, he sold his shares and became a freelance web developer, which has led him to become Dcorp’s primary front-end developer.

  • Jorn Holthus

    Jorn Holthus

    Back-end Developer

    Jorn Holtus has been programming since he was 8 years old - when computers booted to BASIC, not an OS. He has experienced the technology evolution from stand-alone computers, to the BBS era, and into the modern high-speed internet era.

    Jorn has worked as a consultant for a medium-sized consulting firm in the Netherlands using a wide range of Microsoft technologies in both finance and healthcare, while possessing well-rounded experience on the Microsoft stack.

    He holds an active interest in crypto-currencies and follows the community extensively. Jorn sees the great value in blockchain technology and is excited to be part of an organization that utilizes its extensive potential.

  • Dr. Ruben Stranders

    Dr. Ruben Stranders

    Developer / Lead Tester

    Ruben works alongside Frank Bonnet on development of the smart contracts, with a specific focus on testing and ensuring code quality. Dr. Ruben Stranders studied Computer Science at Delft University of Technology and holds a PhD in AI from the University of Southampton. He is a co-founder of FireServiceRota, which specializes in planning and dispatching software for emergency services. Ruben teaches AI at Técnologico de Monterrey, and also builds crypto trading bots using AI.

  • Arliw Neatprom

    Arliw Neatprom

    Web Designer

    Web designer and software engineer with experience in visual computing and Matlab. Responsible for the front-end development of the UI's.

    Studied computer science at Khon Kaen University until she graduated in 2016. Arliw Neatprom's creativity, experience with web design and determination are an inspiration for the rest of the team.