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  • B

    Bancor Listing

    It is my understanding that a Bancor relay is in the works, but since the funds were purchased they have decreased in value and DCORP no longer holds enough equivalent USD value in DRPU/BNT to facilitate listing. I would like to propose that DCORP does not wait for the tokens...

       28 weeks
  • K
    Kim Jensen

    Features needed in Dcorp exchange to be superior

    1. Advanced orders 2. Charting tools 3. News feed

       29 weeks
  • Sean R Layton
    Sean R Layton
    Sean R Layton

    Integrate To Skycoin

    I've been in the crypto industry for a long time. Much longer than DCORP has been around. I've seen companies come and go and seen many good ideas and bad ideas. The fact is, Bitcoin and Ethereum have serious issues. They will be the short term winners, but getting ahead ...

       29 weeks
  • Nicholas Jackman
    Nicholas Jackman
    Nicholas Jackman

    Moxy One - Rebrand project

    The situation: - The Moxy One team have fallen silent after their failure to reach their soft cap in ICO phase.

       30 weeks
  • A


    DUCATUR is a framework that allows you to create oracles for reliable data exchange between the interacting participants on the blockchain. That would be a system in which you always trust the received data and which provides a reliable connection between the blockchain and e...

       31 weeks
  • J
    Juan Paulo

    Trust Digital Wellness by light Liquid Contracts.

    Trust by establishing a payment distribution system through a smart contract that issues the corresponding payments to each of the parties involved in the supply chain, immediately and directly when the sale of a product is validated. , IDEAS For example, in a supermarket ...

       32 weeks
  • E

    Human Resources

    A pool from which workers can be chosen to work on different ideas that are posted on DCORP.

       33 weeks
  • D

    Trust, Regulation, Belief

    Recently the 22 nations from the EU has announced that it will embrace the blockchain tech by regulation and education. Really hope DCORP can participate in this initiative and be a leader in educating as well as not just compliance with regulation but actually create sma...

       35 weeks
  • Nicholas Jackman
    Nicholas Jackman
    Nicholas Jackman

    Outsourced Customer Support for Crypto Exchanges

    With Dcorp’s imminent exchange launch a new opportunity to utilize Dcorp's blockchain education capability presents itself . This exchange will require customer service representatives. With its foundations in training and education expertise, and now with a Live excha...

       39 weeks
  • D
    Daniel #me

    Bancor partnership

    Dcorp Partners With Bancor To Create The Dcorp/BNT Token Relay would be the news i want to read.

       40 weeks